Diving into blogging

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Hello, welcome to my first ever blog, how very exciting! Before I start I want to give you a little heads up. If you want perfectly written blogs with great grammar and no spelling mistakes you’ve probably come to the wrong place.  However, if you want to read the odd ramblings of a mam / artist / manager / and metaphorical plate spinner then HELLO and welcome!

The reason I start with the declaration over the likelihood of crap spelling as I’m dyslexic and even a few years ago the thought of writing a public blog like this would have filled me with dread. The anxiety I would get if, heaven forbid, someone would find an error or think less of me if I put a punctuation mark in the wrong place was crazy. Looking back it’s quiet amusing to think of the amount of time I wasted checking everything over and over. It’s even more ridiculous when I was a curator so made my living from writing text for exhibitions and in my job as a manager I write everyday copious reports. However the big difference now, as I’m hurtling to *cough cough* middle age is I don’t worry anymore. I say "yep you’ll find errors, please let me know and I promise I won’t be offended, I may change them or to be honest I may not, depends if I can be arsed." At the moment it’s definitely usually the latter.

So as I said I’m partial to the odd ramblings, so to be honest a blog is perfect for me to rambling on. But I’ll try to get to the point of my first blog, the point was that I wanted to dive in and pop my blog cherry or pull off the plaster or whatever analogy works best?!? I also want to say HELLO and do a little introduction into why in the world I started my business back in May 2020 to add to my already jam packed life?

To be honest I don’t really have a clear answer to that question other than I just did it. I guess the shit show that is 2020 played into it a lot. As with a lot of us I ended up working from home, the museum I managed closed and I just felt a bit deflated. Of course, I was still busy working but it was different, I felt less creative and my mind was wondering.

At the time, like everyone, I was consumed by the daily conferences, crazy Trump nonsense from across the waters and the general sense I was in a really crap post apocalyptic movie (BTW I always thought if the world turned upside down I’d be the bad ass survivor character like Emma Stone in Zombieland, turns out I just turned into a weird stepford wife character, baking and tidying my worries away!) All this madness actually made me re-evaluate things though.

As a means of relaxing I started drawing again and I loved it. I sold a few bits to friends and family and then thought why the heck don’t I just do it and set up my own business? I’ve always secretly wanted to try and run my own business but worried people would think I was being daft or I’d fail straight away. I guess I just felt a bit brave and thought "what have I got to lose?’

I’d love to say and then "voila" it happened perfectly, but it really hasn’t been a straightforward 6 months. I’ve learned so much and made so many mistakes, which will lead me nicely to the theme of my next blog - "Stupid Mistakes I Made That Hopefully You Won’t".

I have no idea how long a blog should be but I guess I’ll leave it there until next time. Hopefully you made it to the end? Fingers crossed. 

Thanks for reading!

Sara xx